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Are you happy with where you are in your writing career? 

Are you satisfied with the amount of writing you are actually getting done?

Are you excited about your path to publication? (Do you even know what that path looks like?)

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could get on a regular schedule of not only writing, but building my platform, AND my business?”

Maybe you’ve asked yourself…

“Why can’t I just settle down and write?”

“Why do I never know what to post on social media?”

“I know God has called me to write. Why is every step so hard?”

What if there was one thing — just one thing — that could help you change your current situation?

Imagine this…

What if you were able to suddenly create a life where you not only looked forward to writing each and every day, but a life where you actually have the time and ideas to write, and could build a following of readers hungry for what you’re writing? And then, what if you were actually able to turn writing into a business?

Hey friend, Kathi Lipp here.

I’m a best-selling author and speaker who has helped countless writers transform their dream of writing into a reality with my podcast, coaching, workshops and conferences. 

A few years ago, my husband and I ditched our Silicon Valley lives (and home) and I now work full-time helping writers live out their calling as mission-driven messengers, all from this magical place called The Red House. From there, I work with top publishers like Zondervan and Harvest House to write books (20, so far) speak, and run writing retreats in the mountains of Northern California.

But my writing career has not always been on track.

There were a lot of years when I struggled to get words on the page. And when I finally sat down and wrote, I didn’t have an audience or a publisher who was interested in reading any of it. And all the time, more of my money was going out to support my writing habit than was coming in.

I had to make a decision – was this writing thing actually a call from God, something I was supposed to commit a big part of my life to? Or was it something I was doing just for myself?

I was called to write, and  I wanted that writing to change lives. 

So I signed up for all of the conferences, workshops, seminars and more. I listened to all of the experts tell me what to do – and tried to do as much as I could. The problem? Trying to put all the training and expertise into practice. I was spending so much time LEARNING what to do, I had ZERO time to do what needed to be done. 

And that is when I discovered the one thing that actually made a difference in not just my writing, but my platform and in my business: The Collective Check-in.

I started meeting (in person and online) with people who didn’t just talk about wanting to be writers, but were actually out there, getting published online, and in magazines and in books. These were people who didn’t let problems get in their way for long – they knew they were called to not only write, but share their writing with others, and build a life (and even a business) around their writing.

I call this The Collective Check-in. Working with writers who are further along in the journey, to keep me focused on what actually needs to be done, instead of listening to the thousands of voices in this space trying to convince me of the hundreds of things that need to be done.

When I started to meet with other writers, make plans for growing my business and ministry, and holding each other to a higher standard, things started to happen. Fast.

  • I started to write online. And then for magazines. And then, books
  • I grew my online platform into something that publishers were excited about.
  • I launched a successful podcast, and then a Facebook group with over 10,000 members.
  • And most importantly? I started to see people’s lives change for the better.

…it was more than I could have ever dreamed

OK, so listen.

You’ve been thinking about writing and what it would take to really professionalize your writing.

You have a story that you know would be an encouragement – maybe even life-changing  – to others. 

Is the idea of changing the world with your words something you’d like to start working on?

Because, right now, I have a plan that will show you how.

Today, I’m so excited to be able to introduce you to my BRAND-NEW online coaching program, The Red House Writers Collective.

It’s a day-by-day roadmap that not only shows you exactly what to do to increase your writing, but also builds your writing business in a way that you’ve always known you could.

Each month we will work on developing these four key areas:

The Course

Each month, our team will be helping you develop the skills you need in one of our three focus areas: Writing, Platform and Business Building. You will receive your hiking orders for the month, and the support along the way to accomplish your goals. 

Every three months, we will be focusing on a different aspect of your writing business to help you grow into the author you want to become. 

Month 1

You’ll learn to focus on the actual writing – this is where we help you get words on the page. We will talk not just about the craft of writing, but how to be consistent in your writing every day.

Month 2

You’ll focus on platform – this is where we will set goals for you and help you achieve those goals when it comes to growing an audience that wants to read what you write.

Month 3

You’ll get down to business – this is where we will not only help you dream about what you want your writing business to look like, but help you make those dreams a reality.

The Coaches

Instead of relying on coaches who dip in and out of the program, the Red House Writers Collective has a dedicated team of experts available to answer your questions every month. You get consistent support in the areas that matter most. 


The Check-Ins

Yep – daily check-ins to keep on task and focused. Your success is our success. We want this to be a win for everyone.

The Community

Want to reach your goals? There is no better way to do that than to work alongside people who have the same plan as you.

With the Writing at the Red House Collective, after just 12 months, you will have:

  • Written enough words to complete a full manuscript, plus blog articles and social media posts.

  • Worked with a coach to increase your online platform every single day.

  • Started a business based on the message you’ve been called to share.

  • Worked with experts in every area of your writing career.

  • Found your people – you will be surrounded by writers who are not your competition – they will become your community.

Here are just a few of the people I’ve been able to coach to take their writing, platform and business to the next level: 

“After a season of discouragement, I was ready to give up on my desire to write. In came Kathi Lipp, and everything changed. Kathi’s encouraging words, confident guidance, and empathetic support helped me continue to do what God had called me to do, write. (Which is exactly what I get to do now that I just got my second book contract with Iron Stream Media!) “

Billie Jauss

Author of Making Room

“I am so grateful for the very practical tips and tricks that Kathi brings to the table.  I have been so blessed by her coaching at the Red House.  Getting to mine from a treasure chest of wisdom is how I would express my time with Kathi.  In particular, she helped me in the book proposal writing process to see the book proposal as a friend, not a foe that I wanted to avoid.  After a short time with Kathi, her practical guide and coaching in how to write a great book proposal helped me get a book contract with a major publishing house after 11 years of trying on my own.  I Wish I had known to mine Kathi’s treasure chest of wisdom sooner!”

Jennifer Hand

Founder of Coming Alive Ministries (who Kathi is very proud to tell you just got a book contract with Moody Publishers!)

“Kathi’s coaching was a game-changer for me and my wife Joanna! Kathi gave us the confidence to believe our goals and ideas were attainable. She gave us practical tools we could implement immediately and accountability to keep us going. And, she’s an inspiring cheerleader who helped us take hold of our unique calling and put our best selves forward. I highly recommend Kathi’s coaching.”

Rob Teigen

Author of Growing Home Together and Best-selling Author of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

“Kathi Lipp is the Author Fairy Godmother who launched my writing and speaking ministry. I’m indebted to her expertise and mentorship on how to build a platform by serving my audience.”

Diane Dokko Kim

Disability Ministry Consultant, Speaker, and Author of Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery for the Special-Needs Parent

“There aren’t many coaches like Kathi. With focus and precision, Kathi digs deep to understand the heart of your message, helping you get to the basics so you can build your work on a solid foundation. As you gain clarity about your direction, you’ll be astonished to see what you’re capable of.”

Kathleen Kerr

Editor with Harvest House Publishers

“Hands down, one of the best decisions I made for my ministry was investing early in Kathi Lipp’s coaching services. Experienced, thoughtful, and creative, Kathi has a knack for speaking into your God-given gifts to steer them in the best direction for Kingdom work.”

Heather M. Dixon

Speaker and Author of Determined: Living Like Jesus in Every Moment

“I’ve seen Kathi in action coaching writers and communicator at all levels and she, quite simply, raises the bar. Then she builds the steps. Anyone who is blessed enough to be coached by Kathi will be energized, inspired, equipped and excited to go to the next level on their writing journey. Kathi cares deeply, and that makes all the difference.”

Suzy Flory

NYT bestselling author and co-author, director of West Coast Christian Writers, and founder of Everything Memoir

“When you coach with Kathi, you get direct, practical help from a seasoned writer and ministry leader who has been exactly where you are. She knows the pitfalls to avoid, how to get out if you happen to fall in then, and how to traverse the path of writing so you not only get to the view at the top … you also enjoy the view each step of the way.”

Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis, Author of Unexpecting, founder of Brave Mamas

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By December 30th – Bonus 1:

The recordings from our entire Leverage Communicators Conference.

This comprehensive speakers conference includes more than 10 hours of teaching on message, method and marketing from accomplished trainers such as Amy Carroll, Cheri Gregory, Michele Cushatt and more.

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Tonya Kubo’s 2021 Business Roadmap Session.

Want to start 2021 with an entire action plan based on your business goals for the year? You need a business roadmap.

Writing at the Red House Director of Strategy Tonya Kubo can help you plan out your year to make the most of your Collective experience while achieving the business goals you’ve set for 2021.

(A $1000 value)

Bonus 1:

The Leverage Communication Conference recorders will uplevel your speaking skills by helping you create your message, delivery, and how to market. 


I have developed “Message Mapping”: a clear way to create your talks (and outline book chapters, blog posts and more) that will take your listeners on a journey with you and help them grow in their faith. You will leave this conference with a clear and concise way to develop a powerful message — and then use that message in every area of your communication: speaking, blogging, article and book writing, and more.


This is all about the delivery — what are the things that will turn an ordinary speaker into an extraordinary speaker? In this portion of our teaching, we will help you to deliver your message with clarity, authenticity, and power to change people’s lives. Plus, you will uncover your unique speaking style which will help you become even more of the speaker you are designed to be. Whether you are communicating from the stage or your Zoom camera, learn the tricks to get your audience to engage.


We will get into the nitty gritty of developing your platform. Learn the foundations of marketing your message, and how to execute each and every step. Learn to use social media in a way that will not take precious hours from your writing time, but communicate your message to an audience waiting to hear it. Learn how to work smarter, not harder, and use digital tools in a strategic way that builds a platform people can trust. 

So I’m guessing now you’re wondering how expensive a coaching program like this will be? I get it. I’ve never offered something like this before. A program, not only instruction and goals, but also community and accountability (the all important Collective Check-In!)

And even though there are other programs offering a lot less (and charging thousands of dollars – and they are totally worth it) that’s not what I’m doing here.

I want to make this program substantial enough to be life-changing for those who are serious about their calling as writers, but keep it affordable enough so if you’re committed, it will be worth what you’re paying – a few times over!

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So here is the Real Question…

Is your writing career worth checking this out? 

Even if it does only half of what I’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start to see real results, faster than you imagined — not only in your writing, but in your platform and business as well. 

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